Tuesday, January 14, 2014

About Me

Hi, My name's Celdy,

In the past few years I started to collect some watches and since then I'm a watch enthusiats.
During my free time, I'm trying to make some straps for my watches.
In the beginning the result was quite good, some of my friends love the straps I made and they ask me to make watchstraps for them. Now I'm a fultime strapmaker.
I love handmade products, especially leather watch strap and I am very passionate in this fields.
All of my straps series are handmade, hand cut, hand sewn and hand dyeing.
In this gallery there are few handmade straps that I've made, please take a look and hope you'll like it.

*) I can custom the strap for any watch, any size, and customize based on your request.

If you want to ask anything about my straps, please contact me at:

Email:  celdy.straps@gmail.com

Blackberry PIN:  76A873D3  
Whatsapp: +62812 993 83388
LINE: celdystraps

Panerai Source Review : 
Blackwood and Dark Ruby Series